Student Services


Learning is a journey, not a race. We fully understand that different children have different learning styles, and develop at varying rates. Our student services program ensures that each child develops concepts, skills, learning strategies and positive attitudes in intellectual, social, emotional and physical areas at their own pace as they progress through the grades. 

In the case of students with additional learning needs, we follow a Multi-Tiered System of Supports, where students at Tier 1 receive consistent and documented support from their teachers using the specialists as resources. If additional support is required, parents sign a consent form for a Student Services specialist to follow up on the case and provide support as needed. This is considered Tier 2, which means targeted supplemental instruction and intervention. If it’s determined that further information is necessary, a formal assessment from an outside agency is recommended. With this information, the student is moved to Tier 3, a Student Success Plan (SSP) is created to ensure the student is entitled to accommodations and/or modifications, as well as an intensive intervention and instruction plan that can support his academic progress and social-emotional development. In some special cases, students at Tier 2 may receive an SSP using the data obtained from in-house assessments.