Welcome to the AISA Library!

The Library is a place for reading, storytelling, studying, research and even reflection. (Roch Carrier).

Our welcoming and experienced Library Team promotes and fosters the Love of Reading, learning and supports AISA’s Literacy Programs!

The AISA Library - Promotes and Fosters the Love of Reading and Learning by:

  • Maintaining a Teaching-Learning Environment where students are able to browse for reading material, read, listen to stories, research, study, work on assignments, and reflect.
  • Housing a Main Library which hosts an Elementary Library (Grades 1-5) and a Secondary School Library (Grades 6-12).
  • Having a Main Library with an inventory of over 23,000 books and eBooks to promote and encourage the life-long love of reading!
  • Promoting the joy of reading for early readers in AISA’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Library which has over 1,400 books and is connected to the Main Library by the electronic catalogue.
  • Hosting two Book Fairs: a UAE National Day themed Book Fair (in the fall) and a Literacy Fest themed Book Fair (in the spring).
  • Providing Portal access to AISA’s electronic catalogue (Destiny). The electronic catalogue of AISA’s books includes eBooks and links to research tools and databases such as Grolier Encyclopedias, EBSCO Journal, and Access World News.
  • Providing Wi-Fi internet access so that AISA students are able to work on their personal laptops/iPads (BYOD) in the library.
  • Encouraging students to take library books to read at home – to enjoy reading for understanding, to read for pleasure, to share with parents and siblings, and to practice their literacy skills.
  • Encouraging students to borrow books in Arabic.
  • Welcoming and encouraging parents to check out books for themselves.
  • Having an AISA library team that works in cooperation with the teachers as we strive to motivate and inspire students to read and thus promote students' life-long love and habit of reading.

Reading for pleasure is an extension of teaching and learning – as reading increases vocabulary, improves reading fluency, and strengthens comprehension.

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