Welcome future Lions! 

At AISA, we are proud to say that our student community is at the heart of everything we do. Our students receive an IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) education. Student agency is the focus of the PYP, which means we want to hear student voices, support their choices, and encourage ownership of their learning and actions. The PYP programme is further supported by our adopted American Curriculum Standards (Common Core, NGSS, C3, etc.) which provides us with targeted grade level outcomes for all students. 

With our diverse student and teacher community, the PYP brings us all together by celebrating our different backgrounds and embracing where we all come from. The PYP is also recognized throughout the world as a leading curriculum framework. 

At AISA, children are able to apply their learning about authentic global issues through our design and innovation class. This class creates just one of many opportunities for our students to display the IB learner profile attributes: inquirers, thinkers, and risk-takers,  just to name a few. 

We focus on educating the whole child and, therefore, offer students the opportunity to develop their skills as writers, readers, musicians, athletes, designers, mathematicians, and artists. Our goal is to give students real-world learning experiences through transdisciplinary units which incorporate different subject areas in a genuine way. 

We are preparing students for a successful future by focusing on, both, key academic subject areas and Approaches to Learning. By giving students thinking, communication, self-management, research, and social skills, they will be ready to face any unknown challenges that lie ahead.  

By joining AISA, you are joining a dynamic community and we are sure that we will exceed your educational expectations. 

Katrina Bloom 
Elementary Principal  

To learn more about day-to-day procedures with the elementary, we invite you to review our student and parent handbook.

Student and Parent Handbook

Elementary Brochure

Program of Inquiry

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