High School

Welcome to AISA High School! 

At AISA HS, we understand that the development of our students comes from building a strong partnership between all stakeholders. We are proud of the relationship that we have created with our students and our parents. To live and breathe AISA’s mission, we start by creating a safe environment where students, parents, and teachers put students at the center. AISA HS has a very unique flavor that most international schools do not have. We take pride in our multicultural background the same way we embrace the culture of our host home country.  Therefore we offer a segregated education that is conscious of local culture and we continue fostering globally-minded and critical-thinking students. 

The success of our program lies in the alignment with the AISA Middle School learning values to assure that high school students are getting the foundations that will make them successful in their further education. 

In High School, all students attending Grades 9 and 10,  follow the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and our approach is through a Standard Based Learning philosophy that focuses on students’ ability to meet learning targets. Because of this, students are able to think critically and gain skills that they can apply across multiple disciplines.

Beginning in Grade 11, students have the option to continue their education on the American Diploma program until they graduate in Grade 12, or they may choose the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Such important decisions come with the proper support of our counseling department. 

Principal’s Welcome 

               Brian Kelley       
               Secondary Principal

To learn more about day-to-day procedures with AISA HS, we invite you to review our student and parent handbook.

Student and Parent Handbook

Secondary Brochure 

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