Arabic & Islamic

AISA Secondary offers two different Arabic courses, one for native speakers and the other for non-native speakers. We also offer Islamic Studies courses to all Muslim students.

Arabic as a First Language (AFL)

This course is designed for Arabic native speakers. The course begins with a review of grammar covered during previous years and continues to focus on the achievement of more complex grammatical structures and expanding students' vocabulary capabilities. Through the course's variety of topics in Arabic literature, poetry, history and culture, it emphasizes active control of grammar, vocabulary, and intensive practice in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding.


Arabic as a Second Language (ASL)

This course is designed for students with no previous knowledge of Arabic and focuses on developing proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking the standard Arabic language.

This course introduces basic vocabulary and the fundamentals of Modern Standard Arabic grammar, structure, pronunciation as well as reading, writing, and speaking. The course prepares students to understand spoken Arabic, to hold simple conversations, read, and write short descriptive compositions in Arabic.

 Islamic Studies

Islamic studies is offered to all Muslim students either in English or in Arabic.

The Islamic studies curriculum aligns with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and is mandatory for all Muslim students. This course is aimed to provide basic information about Islamic Studies. Student learn about Islamic Civilizations, improve their skills on how to perform prayers and other worship, and develop their understanding of issues related to faith and their religion.