Middle School Specials

AISA Middle School offers a variety of specials in addition to our core curriculum, including courses in Physical Education, Art, Music, Information Technology, Drama, Spanish, and French. At AISA we take a holistic approach and  encourage students to explore their interests in a variety of disciplines. Students often participate in performances and presentations such as Art Exhibits, Theatrical Performances or Musical Presentations.

Performing Arts

At AISA we provide a variety of courses in the Arts. Students may choose to develop their skills and craft in Art, Music, and Drama. The purpose of these courses is to provide a balanced arts program, which guides students to achieve the standards in the Arts. In Music, students develop their theoretical and practical understanding of Music. They are introduced to a range of topics from musical notation, melodic systems, harmonies, to meters and rhythmic techniques. The courses that are offered are drawing, printing, painting and mixed media classes. Within each course we focus on artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing and connection within the art world. Student's have an opportunity to develop an art portfolio in each of the courses to demonstrate their knowledge and growth. Along with music and art, we also offer Theatre Arts courses. Students learn about various theatrical theories and are provided opportunities to put them into practice through games, research and performance based projects giving them a strong foundation in this subject.  In addition to classes, students are able to work on all aspects of productions from acting to set and costume design.   


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AISA offers French and Spanish courses for beginning to advanced and IB French/Spanish. In the introductory classes, students use a variety of techniques to enhance the basic communicative competence, using oral drills, conversations, creative dialogues, and written exercises. Students are also introduced to the culture and life of each language through situational approaches and media presentations. As students progress to the next level course, continue the same systematic communicative approach is continued, and students are able to manipulate the basic elements of grammar and expand his/her vocabulary through the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. 


Physical Education

Physical Education 6-12 offers a varied and broad curriculum of both individual and team sports. Students develop physical, social, emotional, and moral skills through participation in a variety of sports, such as Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Swimming, Track and Field, Striking and Fielding (Cricket, Softball, Kickball) and Health-Related Fitness. In grades 9-12, students may also take Wellbeing and Nutrition as electives. In grade 11 students develop leadership skills in theory and practical lessons, while in grade 12 students focus on developing their knowledge and understanding of exercise programming. Each of these courses allows students to take their fitness to a higher level and gain a better understanding of how to lead a healthy life.