Campus Recreation

Our Campus Recreation program aims to support the school mission by providing a wide variety of safe, healthy activities for students, parents, faculty and staff in order to foster and encourage within each participant the desire to pursue a balanced lifestyle.

Campus Recreation activities include After School Recreation Programs (ASRPs) and Intramural Sports Leagues led by AISA faculty and staff. The Campus Recreation department also organizes activities for the AISA parent community such as volleyball, basketball and soccer.

Our Campus Recreation also facilitates activities offered by external providers on a pay per term basis. These providers are among the best in Abu Dhabi and offer students professional instruction in a variety of disciplines conveniently hosted on campus.

Pay Per Term Program

Our Campus Recreation program coordinates programs offered by over 8 external providers, exclusively for AISA students on a pay per term basis. Parents seeking professional instruction for their children in sports, arts, science and technology will find providers that are among the best in Abu Dhabi offering programs on campus.