Requesting a Transcript

A student's transcript is the official school record of courses taken, grades earned, cumulative GPA, and graduation date. Student records are maintained for the benefit of the student. They are used for promotion, evaluation, career development, guidance, and record of educational progress of the student. Student transcripts are available to a student and/or the parent/legal guardian when requested and to schools, colleges, universities, and governmental agencies as allowed by law. Student transcripts can only be released with prior written consent from a parent/legal guardian or by the student if he or she is over the age of 18.

 Types of transcripts:

  • Official: This document contains the official school stamp, is signed by the registrar or other school official. Schools and colleges typically request official transcripts. Most official transcripts are submitted electronically; however, some universities still request the transcript be sent by mail or courier. In such instances, the school will place the transcript in a sealed and stamped envelope and arrange for direct delivery from the school to the institution once payment has been made.
  • Unofficial: This is a copy of a transcript that is not signed by a school official and is stamped “unofficial” or “issued to student.”

 Requesting a transcript:

An official transcript may be requested by the person whose record it is if over the age of 18 and by a parent/legal guardian if under 18. Students 18 or older must sign their own release; legally, a parent may NOT do so.

Current AISA students may complete the transcript request form and pass it to their counselor for processing. Once a student has graduated the completed form should be given to the school registrar for processing. The school registrar works in the Admissions Office.

Our school has 5 business days from the date of the request to process an order, not including mail time. Thus we strongly encourage you to place your order in a timely manner as our school does not offer expedited services at this time.

 Anyone over the age of 18 must request his or her records. Once a graduate has turned 18 years of age OR is in a post-secondary setting, the parent may NOT request records of any kind.

What should the transcript look like?

 Transcripts should be one-page (front and back) if possible and issued as official with the proper signatures, school name and address, and school seal or logo which can be seen when copied. Universities and the military reject transcripts without proper authorization. Please be sure that the transcript has the student’s official name on it as it appears on his or her passport or birth certificate. Use of a nickname rather than the student’s official name invalidates the transcript.

 Who can request my transcript?

 As an American school we follow The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), a US federal law, requiring that we have a written, signed release form from the student before releasing any confidential information. Therefore transcripts will be released to an employer or institution only with a completed transcript request form with the student’s or parent/guardian signature authorizing the release.

 What should our packet of transcripts include?

 A school profile sheet—all international schools do not have the same weight for scores. The school profile sheet makes it easier for institutions to determine the information they need based on the school’s criteria. A separate sheet with a list of the students’ names as they are filed. The transcripts need to be filed in alphabetical order by the student’s last name. Transcripts may be sent in paper form or electronically. Transcripts need to have the student’s official name on it. Please do not use nicknames as most universities will not accept them. It also needs to have the appropriate signatures, seal or logo. See the section "What should the transcript look like."


Request My Transcript