Learning Support Specialists

The learning support specialists at AISA assist students in grades K1-5 in reaching their academic goals through individual or small group support in and out of the classroom. The specialists closely collaborate with class teachers to help provide differentiated instruction for students who may be exhibiting difficulties in meeting classroom expectations. The learning support specialists also partner with parents to develop strategies and to provide support.


The counselor at AISA supports students in grades K1-5 and addresses behavioral and emotional concerns that affect learning by meeting with students one on one or in a small group setting. The counselor also conducts parent groups and workshops, and meets with parents one on one to provide support and strategies.

Learning Support Specialists

Adriana Rios - Learning Support Specialist
Roda Newell -
Learning Support Specialist
Latesha Wood - Learning Support Coordinator
English Language Learning (ELL)

The English Language Learning Program (ELL) at AISA supports students in grades K1 - 5. Those who are new to the language attend classes of formal instruction with a qualified ELL Specialist. Students with basic English structures are supported by the ELL Specialist in small groups within the classroom. Our program gives students an opportunity to learn English in a supportive environment to meet their social and academic needs. As AISA is an international school, new English language learners are welcomed at all points during the school year.

ELL Team: Sarah Layman, Sukaina Maklai, Mariana Hernandez Naufal (Coordinator) and Soha Andary.