Learning Support

The Secondary Learning Support department at AISA supports students with mild or moderate learning difficulties. The Learning Support department also accepts some students who are struggling academically as evidenced by MAP and CAT-4 scores and student grades. Students receive differentiated support in several ways: in small groups, divided by gender and grade; individually with one on one sessions during the school day; and suitable assessment accommodations if necessary.

Students with diagnosed learning disabilities receive an individual education plan that is developed by the Learning Support department, with feedback from the students, teachers, and parents. The plan is reviewed and amended on a regular basis as students make progress on their academic and behavioral goals. Additionally, Learning Support works with regular classroom teachers to implement required accommodations based on student needs.

Learning Support & Counseling Team

Tom Harper, Head of Learning Support and Instructional Coach
Amy Justice, Learning Support Teacher
Joseph Macare, Learning Support Teacher


The Secondary School Counselors at AISA provide emotional and academic guidance counseling to all middle and high school students. Their goal is to help each student achieve social growth, emotional well-being and academic success.

The counselors work with students to support academic decision-making, provide curriculum information and assess student interest and needs. As well, they advise students on course selection and offer a number of programs to support students transition throughout high school to life beyond high school. College and career counseling is offered to the students in 11th and 12th grades.

Joe Brown
School Counselor (Boys)

Jerilea Jones
School Counselor (Girls)