AISA proudly hosts an association that is made up of our parents, teacher and students!

The PTSA is an exciting committee that is independently managed by existing and new parents that actively volunteer along-side AISA teachers and students to generate a spirit of Community involvement. This is in line with the school’s goal to enrich the lives of all members of the school community and foster an appreciation for cultural diversity.

Each year we encourage new parents to join the association on our New-Student Orientation days. Existing parents happily welcome new parents to share their ideas and interests.

The academic year is filled with events, such as grade-level field trips, drama and theatre production, sport events, UAE National Day celebrations, AISA International Night, Teacher Appreciation Day, Book Fairs, Halloween celebrations, Arabic and Islamic dept, Reading Events, AISA Anniversary celebrations, Health and Wellness Fair, and various other school events.

The PTSA actively participates in these events and other grade-level classroom  throughout the year in addition to hosting multiple fund-raising events at the school. The group runs as a separate entity and all AISA existing and new parents are welcome to join. Please ask our building secretaries for details if you are not a member already.

In line with AISA’s Guiding Statement, the school also conducts monthly parent meetings for both elementary and secondary parents separately. They have been  a success for both working and non-working parents!

The school also hosts a Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) that bring forward concerns from the community and works along-side the school Leadership team to address the same. All PAC members have an equal voice and participation is encouraged. Viewpoints are listened to respectfully.

Join our PTSA today!