Community Service

At AISA, we believe that learning the importance of offering service to the community is an essential component of a holistic education. Community service is a mandatory component of the IB Diploma Program, as part of the CAS activities. In the IB PYP program, units of inquiry are expected to lead to an action component which can often involve service. In addition to these formal curriculum requirements for service, AISA students are involved in a plethora of activities.

Breast Cancer Tournament 2013

AISA's first annual Breast Cancer Tournament held in October. Planned and organized by IB 1 students.

Terry Fox Run 2014

To maintain the vision and principles of Terry Fox while raising money for cancer research through the annual Terry Fox Run, National School Run Day, as well as via memoriam donations and planned giving. School wide volunteer.

30 Hour Famine

This year, the charity chosen for the famine is called Teletón and is a non-profit organization in charge of building and maintaining children rehabilitation centers in which they provide free medical care for children with physical and/or mental disabilities, as well as physical deformities. Planed and organized by IB Seniors.

CPR Training

Emergency First Response. School wide.

AISA Staff Appreciation 2014

Staff appreciation dinner and Cricket Match. Planned and organized by the IB Seniors.

Café Night 2014

IB students collaberating with the PAFA department.

CAMPS Kenya Spring Trip

Camps International is a world leader in responsible travel with a unique, community based operating model. They commit year round to their projects.  Students benefit by participating in a wide range of sustainable community, wildlife and environmental projects around the world. Secondary school participants.

Abu Dhabi International Triathlon

Run Aid Station operated by our teachers and students school wide.

  • American International School in Abu Dhabi
  • PO Box 5992, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • +971 2 444 4333
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