All parents and guardians of students enrolled at AISA are members of AISA Parents

AISA Parents:

i) Provide support to parents and the school.

ii) Support school goals through volunteer service, fund-raising activities, and enhanced educational opportunities for students.

iii) Provide a channel of communication between parents and the school.Each grade has a grade representative, who participates in the grade representative committee which meets regularly, preferably every 2 weeks, to 

(a) discuss important issues and if appropriate inform the school administration and the board of the opinions of the parents. 
(b) plan and organize activities for the school and its students.


AISA Parents support parents throughout the year. New parents to AISA will be invited to the Newcomers Coffee in September soon after the new school year starts.

For parents coming later on in the school year, an invitation to be contacted by an Ambassador from the Ambassador Program will be issued. The Program aims at helping out new parents to the school as well as to Abu Dhabi. If possible, an Ambassador from the same country or speaking your native language will be appointed to help you with any questions or queries you may have.


AISA Parents organizes an annual writing competition for grades 3-12 to inspire a love of creative writing.  Prizes are awarded by grade level and the best overall essay is printed in Tempo magazine.


At AISA it is encouraged that students learn from primary sources as well as secondary sources. The Parents as Primary Resources initiative invites parents into the classrooms to speak on their areas of expertise, their experiences to give the students a deeper understanding and a different perspective on their learning. Students are able to listen to presentations, ask questions or visit work places.

AISA Parents have previously organized an event on road safety for all classes, as well as movie evenings, coffee mornings and provide assistance with giving tours of the school to new parents.


Celebrating the wonderful language diversity at the school, AISA Parents together with the primary school organizes an annual Mother Tongue Day where parents who speak languages other than English do activities with students in small groups to teach them a few words and give them an appreciation of the culture from which the language comes.


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