AISA Photo Competition (by René M) - IB1 (grade 11)

On January 13th, the first photo competition for both teachers and students of AISA commenced. It ended on March 13th with over 25 participants. The competition was split into two. One was the teacher edition and the other one was the student edition. Each edition had two categories. These were "UAE" and "School life in AISA". The UAE category included nature, landmarks, and animals. Each participant whether a student or a teacher had to submit one photo in the category they choose. They could participate in both categories.

The rules were as follows:

 1.   Only AISA students above Grade 6 (included) are allowed to send one image per category

2.   Only teachers are allowed to submit one photo per category.

3.   The photo must fit into the selected category.

4.   The photo must be taken by the person who sends the image.

5.   By submitting the photo to the contest, you consent with the photo being published on AISA related websites or newsletters when you win.

6.   Examination points are subject to the examiner’s opinion.

7.   When taking pictures, make sure you ask the people in the photo for permission.

 The Photo Competition was a fun experience for everyone. Wonderful pictures were taken. The judges were four chosen individuals. Two teachers would choose the best image of each category in the student competition and two students would choose the best image of each category in the teacher competition. As each competition had two categories, there was a total of four winners. These were the students: Fariha I and Vivien M and the teachers: Jenny O and - (wanted to stay anonymous).

Clicked by : Fariha I (Strudent)






Clicked by : Vivien M (Student)



Clicked by : Teacher anonym


Clicked by : Jenny O  (Teacher)



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